Do you want to earn a passive income?

You can now sign-up to become a Swoppi Agent and easily start earning by only sharing your link to people, without any sign-up costs!

How Does Swoppi Works:

Swoppi is a digital business card/portfolio which replaces old fashioned business cards. 



– No more lost cards

– Change your card at any time

– Instantly change your card by sharing QR Code

– Reach people globally by sharing card link on any social media platform

– Add any link, document video or image to the back of your card

– By clicking on location will directly direct you on Google Maps

–  Instant access to all social media platforms

– Eco friendly (no more paper cards)

Create Yours Very Easily 
You just need to insert your IMAGES, INFO and LINKS into the template as shown in the example below

By clicking on the QR Code Icon the QR Code will display as shown below. You Swap your card to another person’s phone by them only opening their camera and holding it over the QR Code to scan.

You can take a screenshot of your QR code, print it, and put it at your reception. People can then easily just scan Code when at reception 

The following video will give you a visual understanding of Swoppi:

How Much for a Swoppi Card?

A Swoppi Card has a free version with limited features. With the free version you are not allowed to choose a card background image, change the color of your font or add any links to the back of your card. The free version also has a watermark on the card. 

Users can then upgrade to PRO which is a very low price of only $1.99/month or $21.99/annual. This allows all the features to be used. One person can be added to the card.

You can then also upgrade to add up to 50 users to your card. The upgrade is only an additional $1.99/month or $21.99/annual.

Become An Agent and Start Earning?

You can click on the above button to sign up and become an agent. As an agent you will receive your own Agent link in your profile which directs users to the website. Once a person signs up through your link, you earn 50% of the sign-up fee every month. The commission will be directly paid into your PayPal account without any wait. 

There are many ways for you to market! The link of the video above can be found by clicking on the ‘Swoppi Video’ button below. You can share the video, together with your link, to clients to get them signed up. Another great way to reach out to clients is to create your own Swoppi card and attach your Agent link with heading ‘Get Your Swoppi’ at the back of your card (you can create this card through your own agent link). You can also attach the video to the back of your card and share only your card link with people. The ‘Card Example’ button below shows you an example of a card you can create. 

The more people/businesses you message on social media platforms, the more you will sell! 

You can setup paid marketing campaigns if you are really looking to reach high numbers of people. This is an online products and can be used from anywhere around the World.



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